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CFIHOS Workshop 23 Oct 2014

On 23 Oct 2014 the Capital Facilities Information Hand Over Specification (CFIHOS) Workshop was held at the offices of Shell at Rijswijk, NL The purpose of the workshop was to:

  • Inform participants of the CFIHOS industry standard
  • Present and demonstrate the current implementations of the standard
  • Propose ways forward for participants to implement CFIHOS in their company


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Safari Croon TBI Amersfoort 08 Oct 2014

On 08 Oct 2014 USPI organised the Safari Croon TBI at the Belevings centrum of Croon at Amersfoort. The purpose of the Safari was to present and discuss the activities of Croon on ISO 15926-11 that is used in various projects by Croon  and other companies.


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